The crosses

Texte traduit par Sylvie Durand-Valentin avec l’aimable collaboration de Mme Miriam Bastide.

The oldest of the crosses of Saint-Priest is this cross... redhead. It takes its name from its yellowish stone barrel, adorned halfway up a heart on which is engraved the date of 1643, the year of the death of Louis XIII. On a massive base, the column is surmounted by a very ordinary cross, undated elements. Note that yellow patois san-priod is called "ru" to become "red" in French today ... Nowadays, still many, the crosses of old punctuate our roads and paths ... Humble wooden cross, of stone or iron, crosses of missions or very ephemeral cross Rogations of the peasant world, they are eloquent witnesses of the local past. Symbols of the faith of our ancestors and religious practices of the past, these monuments all have a history, often unknown today. In Saint-Priest, nine crosses are listed and saved. We invite you to discover them during your walks.

1- Rue de la Croix-Rousse, rue Robespierre intersection.

2- Rue du Payet, n ° 9

3- Square of the church, in front of the foot of the wall of the Castle.

4- Cemetery of Equality

5- Aviation route, Normandy-Niemen roundabout

6- Lower of the cemetery of Manissieux, intersection Toussieu road.

7- Manissieux Cemetery.

8-La Fouillouse, intersection path of Saint-Bonnet.

9- Cité Berliet, roundabout rue du Lyonnais / 10th street.

In our city, two well-known crosses of our elders disappeared during the refitting of intersections. One was at the Danton / Robespierre intersection and the other at the bottom of the Robelly climb.

 Wooden crosses, hardly resistant to bad weather, have also disappeared. One was Laleau's way, another towards the entrance of the Fort, a third at the Chemin de Saint-Martin / Lortaret intersection, and how many more, soon forgotten by all ...