The Place Emile Zola

Texte traduit par Sylvie Durand-Valentin avec l’aimable collaboration de Mme Miriam Bastide.

The Place Émile Zola, formerly Place de la République, has been converted to create a certain urban coherence of the town with the other two squares of the village, namely the Place de la Mairie (currently Place Bruno Polga) and the Place de l'Église.
For the long-standing Sanpriods, she remained the Place of Pigs in reference to
a piglet market held there during the first half of the 20th century.
The project to build a square on the top of the village dates back to the end of the 19th century. Ten long years were necessary for its realization.

Simple intersection of Rue Neuve (currently Rue Gambetta) the rise of Robelly and Grande Rue, it was initially necessary to expropriate (with difficulty) a farmer and raze his farm. After many complications and vicissitudes, the place was created.
In 1900, the municipality called it Place de la République. At that time, a small piglet market was born and lasted until 1958. She then took the name of St. Anthony in reference Saint protector of animals. The term Place of pigs remains in the local speaking. In 1960, it will be expanded by the demolition of the workshop and the house of a blacksmith next to the site. Today, it hosts a public garden and a parking.