The passage to heels

Texte traduit par Sylvie Durand-Valentin avec l’aimable collaboration de Mme Miriam Bastide.

In 1901, only one path, that of Ruettes, connected, from the bottom of the village, the Grande rue to the street of Croix Rousse. In 1904, it was expanded for access to the school group built in 1905, and was renamed "chemin neuf", then rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau. He took the place of many vegetable gardens.

The heels are also located in the old neighborhood of gardens of the inhabitants of the village. He also served the various vegetable gardens in the area.
This passage, very picturesque and bucolic, owes its name to the need to walk, given its narrowness, in single file, on ... heels of his predecessor!
More than a century later, it is still widely used by neighborhood residents and schoolchildren, and although it has been somewhat "expanded", the small "heels" remains and its charm is intact.