Favard Property

Texte traduit par Sylvie Durand-Valentin avec l’aimable collaboration de Mme Miriam Bastide.

Following the name of its owner and notable Louis Favard, notary and mayor of Saint-Priest from 1908 to 1919.
This beautiful mansion from the 1850s, was the study of the Favard Notaries.
Below the house, was a very beautiful park (currently the Social Center) that went down to the Boulevard F Reymond, bordered by a roughstone wall along the Carnière.
The Favard family did not reside on the spot.  They lived across the street in the big house adjoining the Church (named Villa Mathilde after one of the siblings). The property was accessed through the 1 of Grande Rue just like today, as well as down by the large gate at the crossing of Montée de la Carnière and Boulevard Reymond.

Note that this climb has not always been positioned on its current route.  It was located 22 meters further down (in the current park of the Castle) in the axis of the rue du Grisard.In 1830 the Guignards, Counts of St - Priest, in agreement with the City Council, made it move because of the need of expansion of the castle’s park.  On the other hand, it was not until 1892 that boulevard F. Reymond in the direction of Place B.Polga was envisaged.
Up until that date you had to climb the Carnière and go down the Grande Rue to go to the village !
The town hall bought back the entire property in 1973 to build the social center.  The premises of the notarial study and its annexed building at the top of La Carnière were transformed and made available to San-Priodes associations.
At the time of the construction of the center, some very beautiful trees of this tenement were preserved and put in value.