Gallavardin property

Texte traduit par Sylvie Durand-Valentin avec l’aimable collaboration de Mme Miriam Bastide.

This bourgeois property, endowed with a splendid raised park, is crossed by the current dead end of Alembert. This remarkable property complex was, for several generations, the property of Gallavardin. Coming from Panossas in Isère François the patriarch (1740-1800) settled in Saint-Priest in 1754 ...
But probably not at this address, because it is his son Etienne (1761-1823) horse dealer, who bought the property for the needs of his trade. His own son Jean (1800-1865) never ceased, throughout his life, to beautify the property by wearing it and surrounding it with a fence wall still in existence today. It is with Jean-Pierre (1825-1898 son of Jean) that the Gallavardin will make themselves known of the world of the medicine. He will be the initiator of a new form of therapy, homeopathy, and the founder of the homeopathic hospital Saint Luc of Lyon in 1875. Three of his eleven children will also be very great doctors:
- Jules (1872-1917) active propagator of homeopathy.
- Louis (1875-1957) cardiologist of international reputation well known for the phenomenon of Gallavardin. - - Emmanuel (1877-1966) stomatologist.
Large family very practicing and helpful, the Gallavardin often received the children of the local patronage to play in their park, and looked after patients voluntarily. A street in Saint-Priest bears the name of this San-Priode family attached to medicine. The family owns at the cemetery of the Equality a vault surmounted by a funeral chapel where 24 Gallavardin live in line and 21 spouses.